About The 1805 Club

For over 200 years, Nelson's celebrated naval exploits and genius for leadership have inspired countless people. His spirit lives on. Each year on Trafalgar Night, his "Immortal Memory" is venerated by the Royal Navy and at dinners around the world. His flagship, HMS Victory, is lovingly preserved in the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth, and high above Trafalgar Square his most famous memorial reminds London and all those who visit of his achievements.

Yet, many other memorials, monuments and graves commemorating those who served with Nelson, and countless more from the Georgian sailing era, are neglected and crumbling.

Throughout Britain, and in other countries near and far, are found the memorials to these men: everyone from ordinary seamen and marines to fellow admirals.

Their memorials are the very stuff of history - yet they are so often left to decay through lack of care and maintenance.

The 1805 Club, founded in 1990, preserves, conserves and maintains these vital parts of Britain's naval heritage. No other organisation does this.

We invite you to help us in this important work by becoming a member of The 1805 Club.

Contact Details

All membership enquiries should be directed to our membership secretary. Alternatively you may use our postal address:  The 1805 Club, 4a Camp View, Wimbledon Common, London SW19 4UL.

Membership Details

You can download full Membership details and form. 


Club details

The 1805 Club is a charity registered in England (No. 1071871). The elected Chairman is Peter Warwick. Details of the Council are profiled in the members' area.

Our corporate members

The club's corporate members include:

  • Corporation of Lloyd's
  • The National Maritime Museum,Greenwich
  • The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth
  • Admiral Lord Nelson School, Portsmouth
  • The Wardrooms of HMS Collingwood  and HMSNelson
  • The Greenwich Foundation

Reciprocal Members

  • The Nelson Society
  • Britannia Naval Reseach Association
  • Nevis Historical and Conservation Society
  • The Gibraltar Heritage Trust
  • HMS Trincomalee Trust